Why RAID Data Recovery NJ?

  • Free, No-Obligation Evaluation
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Very Fast turn around time
  • 100% Confidentiality
  • Emergency RAID Services Available
  • Local drop-off available
  • Quality recovery you can trust!

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Single drive or RAID 1 (mirror) Recovery:

See our Data Recovery Site for more information.

RAID Recovery

Standard Service - Available during business hours on all weekdays. Data Recovery cases using standard service are performed on a first come, first serve basis until the recovery is completed.
Estimated Recovery: 2-10 business days
Free Evaluation
Price: $300 - $400 per drive

Priority Service - Available during business hours on all weekdays. Under priority service, the data recovery process in our lab happens on a continuous basis. You will be put ahead of all standard jobs. Your recovery will be addressed as soon as it comes in.
Estimated Recovery: 1-5 business days
$500 Evaluation
Price: $300 - $500 per drive

Emergency Service - Emergency Support services is available 24x7 on weekdays and weekends! In this service level, we will work continuously around the clock to provide you with the best & quickest recovery possible.
Estimated Recovery: 12-46 hours
$1,000 Evaluation
Quoted Price: $300 - $600 per drive
Includes courier pickup and return media.

There will be an extra charge depending on how many drives failed in your array. RAID 0 can't have any failed drives. RAID 1 & RAID 5 can have one bad drive. RAID 6 can have 2 bad drives. RAID 10 can have 1 or 2 depending on which drives failed.

Hard Drive Repair (No head crash):
All Hard Drives: $200 - $500 per extra failed drive.

Flat Rate Data Clean Room Recovery (Crashed Drives):
Desktop: $600 (Under 500GB)
Desktop: $900 (Over 500GB)


If we do not recover your data there is no charge!

(Except for evaluation fees for High Priority jobs or if we have to order special parts that you approved)

Hard Disk Recovery
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