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Hard Drive Shipping Instructions

Ideally, the drives should be enclosed in an anti-static bag.

The drives should be shipped in a box at least two times the size of the drives.
If possible, wrap the drive in bubble wrap, foam, or newspaper.
Proper packing, sealing and labeling will help ensure that your shipments will arrive on time and in good condition.

Note: It is very important that if you are sending multiple drives from a RAID server that you label the drives in order based on the server slots.

It is extremely important that your hard drive is packaged carefully to avoid any additional damage during shipment.

Handle a hard disk drive as you would handle an egg.

Handle failed hard disk drives with the same care as new drives.

Handle the drive by the metal body do not touch any of the electrical components unless you are properly grounded.

Include your Name, address, e-mail address and phone number.

Include information on what went wrong, your operating system, RAID type and which files you need.

You do not have to pay extra for overnight delivery.
UPS and Fed Ex Ground Service almost always takes 1 day if you are within 500 miles of us.

US Priority Mail can take several in NJ specially if you add delivery confirmation or signature.

Please call us and talk to one of our Engineers before mailing us your drive.

If this is an emergency and you are within 100 miles of us, please contact us for courier pickup


Correct Packaging:

Correct Shipping


Please include within the box your name and contact information as well as the Technical Information filled out and the Terms and Conditions signed.
Ship the drive to the following address:

RAID Recovery NJ
12 New Providence Road
Watchung, NJ 07069