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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are experiencing any of the below data recovery situations, please consult a professional data recovery service immediately. RAID Recovery NJ offers a free evaluation, which means at no point is there is an obligation to purchase the recovery. We will provide a comprehensive report, listing all the recoverable files.

What is the starting procedure for the free evaluation?
1. Call (888) 548-9399 and speak to a RAID Recovery NJ representative, or fill out our Submit A Case form.
2. Mail your hard drive to RAID Recovery NJ Please refer to our Packing Info page for more information.
3. A data recovery technician will begin a Free Evaluation on your hard drive as soon as we receive it.
4. You will be provided a Comprehensive Report and quote.
5. Then you will choose to follow through with the recovery, it's as simple as that!

What exactly happens during the free evaluation?
The RAID Data Recovery NJ team will determine the condition of your hard drive or RAID and make a mirror of each good drive. In case of physical damage, parts may be needed and you will be notified of the cost. This will delay the turn around time of our evaluation. Upon completion of evaluation, you will be provided with a quote. You can either request us to complete the recovery or stop the process immediately and return the hard drive to you.

Will you be able to repair the hard drive and make it bootable again?
No, we only recover your files. The recovered data is then copied to another destination such as a new external hard drive. We can refer you to some of our service partners who can set up your server and bring you back on line.

Can I send an external hard drive to backup the recovered data?
Yes. We will transfer the recovered data to your external hard drive if requested. Please ship the external hard drive along with the drive for recovery, but make sure to mark which drive is for backup and which drive is for recovery. We also offer backup media for an additional charge.

The hard drive is making a clicking or ticking sound. What should I do?
The drive most likely has an internal mechanical failure due to platter damage or internal mechanics failure. Power down the computer and call us as soon as possible. Do not attempt to open the drive as you might damage it further, potentially making data recovery impossible.

The hard drive won’t spin. What should I do?
This usually means there is an electronic board failure or the internal bearings are stuck. Do not attempt to open the drive or exchange the PCB board as there is a possibility to damage the drive further. Most PCB contain tuning parameters in flash memory which is unique to your drive, so switching the board most likely will not fix the problem and in some cases can destroy all data on the drive.

The hard drive has a new operating system re-installed over the original operating system. Is it possible to get my data back?
You will have overwritten some data, but in most cases there is some underlying data that is retrievable. DO NOT continue installing more programs (including data recovery programs) or doing any kind of work on the drive as this will result in additional data to be overwritten. A re-installed operating system typically will not result in a full recovery. However, a hefty amount of the data is quite often recoverable.

The hard drive has been formatted. Is data recovery possible?
YES! A format is actually a better data recovery situation than a re-install. When a drive is formatted, a very tiny amount of data is usually overwritten. The structures of the drive are overwritten, but the actual data is usually still intact. Most formatted drives can be fully recovered.

The data is extremely sensitive and confidential. Can you guarantee the data will not be viewed and will remain strictly confidential?
Absolutely! We will sign any non-disclosure agreements requested by our customers without any hesitation. We can provide a non-disclosure form if necessary.

What are the most common file types recovered?
We recover all file types! Here is an example of some commonly recovered items:

  • Microsoft Office (word, excel, access, powerpoint, publisher)
  • Outlook Email (.pst)
  • Exchange (.edb)
  • Lotus Notes (.nsf)
  • Microsoft SQL Server (.mdf)
  • Pictures (.jpg, .jpeg, .gif)
  • QuickBooks (.qbw)
  • Quicken (.qdf)
  • Adobe PDF (.pdf)
  • Movies (.mpg, .avi)
  • Audio (.mp3, .wav, Itunes .m4a)
  • Turbo Tax (.tax)

Are you able to recover encrypted data?
We are experts in decrypting file systems which have been encrypted using third party software. Encryption helps prevent data loss of confidential information stored on you computer. RAID Data Recovery NJ will decrypt and recover your protected files even when the system is not bootable!

Are there situations when data recovery is not possible?
Unfortunately yes. Infrequently, hard drives are beyond recovery due to extreme physical damage to the platters of the hard drive. Human error can be just as bad. Some of the worst damage we have seen is when a customer tries to repair the hard drive or RAID system themselves. This includes mixing drives, rebuilding with the wrong number of drives or running repair programs such as CHKDSK on damaged drives. If you really think you can fix it yourself, please make a mirror copy of all drives before you do anything.

Please email us with any other questions and we will get back to you ASAP.